The Mission

The Mission of The Model Network is to provide real life modeling "experiences" to high school senior studio models as well as a strong marketing platform for photography studios. Being a member of The Model Network sets participating studios apart in their communities as leaders in the senior portrait experience. 


The Model Network brings together premier photography studios nationwide to build a supportive community all with the same goals in mind; creating an unforgettable experience for their clients and senior models. 


We believe in community over competition. 


At least one stylized destination photo shoot is held each year to provide modeling experience as well as marketing opportunites for participating studios. Two shoots are currently on the calendar for the 2020 senior season.  We are currently accepting studios who have Class of 2020 high school senior models. This program is exclusive to high school seniors in their 2020 senior year. 


In addition The Model Network provides coaching and mentorship to photography studios who are new to the model concept. Sharing ideas, tools and offering help to those building their programs. Strength is in sharing and in community. WE are stronger and more successful when we share our knowlege and talents with others. 


Studio membership is $299.00 per year plus $100.00 per model for registration. As of March 17, 2019 we are a network of 12 studios nationwide representing state regions from California to New York! It's important to the success of the program that studios aren't in the same cities / regions. Exclusivity is necessary for success in this structure. 


For more detailed information on the network, and membership please email